“Dear Herbert, The campaign and immediate aftermath has been a very hectic period … I wish ………. Marketing Advisors well”

-A Senior Federal Government Cabinet Minister

Dear Herbert, “You are a strange and remarkable man – seeing through the external to the essence of things. You have gifts of insight to communicate. I will always be grateful

A Judge of the High Court

“You did an excellent job. Thank you for an excellent performance”

Mark Smith, President
Mosman Chamber of Commerce

“Your experience, talent and drive will ensure us a successful future … we look forward to working with you in the future”

Red Seal Natural Health

“Your message was strong and well received evidenced by the laughter and networking that continued until late afternoon. Thank you again.”

Queensland Business Network

You have delivered as promised. You are imaginative and do not accept first-up answers to the problems encountered…. We have a great respect for you”

National Fund Raising Counsel

“I learned more about marketing in the two hours I spent with you than I did from three years of formal study – Awesome!”

Recent University Graduate

“Have enjoyed and been motivated by your words and look forward to working with you in the future”

the people who’ve built much including the Ski tube and the Harbour Tunnel

“As a direct result of the “packaging” we have been able to double the number of supermarkets we have our product in – our supermarket sales will treble”

NZ Deli

“Congratulations…. A great job, received the message loud and clear”

Peter Ford, The Headhunter