You can double your sales at low cost

Methods refined over many years, have claimed 8 world sales records for clients and in the process DOUBLING the sales for many hundreds of business at incredibly low cost!

Marketing is a war game. Herbert’s Ultimate Marketing Mosaic consists of six professional disciplines, ten basic rules of how the game is played, some trends & psychological levers and promotional hooks, which, when all connected, can absolutely “drive your promotional dollar further.”

You need to find the right psychological approach to attract customers. Our special craft is creating magical emotional simplicities before which all resistance, to the message, crumbles. These powerful ideas you can immediately adapt to literally catapault customers through your door.

Herbert has had over thirty years of practical hands on experience in helping businesses, many just like yours, gain remarkably increased sales, at low cost, adding dramatically to their bottom line.


astonishAstonishing results have been achieved for great many clients. Over the years more than 100 separate cliff edge strategies have been developed and successfully used by hundreds of clients including famous magazines, major brokerage firms, retailers, wholesalers, billion dollar finance and insurance companies, builders and contractors as well as many medium sized businesses of all types – and quite a few smaller Mum & Dad type micro businesses; the list is endless.


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List Of services: 

  • Market Research & Plans

  • Product and/or Service Development

  • Pricing for Increased Sales

  • Award Winning Creative Concepts

  • Advertising & Media

  • Special Events

  • Promotions and Product Launches

  • Better Packaging

  • eWebSites that sell

  • Sponsorships & Fundraising for Nonprofits

  • Attention Getting Point of Sale

  • Sales Training/Telemarketing that can Double the Closing Rates of Sales Teams

  • Methods of Distribution

  • Direct Mail/Written Copy/Brochures

  • Scripting and Direction for Radio and TV