Why Herbert?

Herbert has been officially recognised as being in the TOP ONE PERCENT of advertising professionals in Australia.


Astonishing results have been achieved for a great many clients. Over the years more than 100 separate cliff edge strategies have been developed and successfully used by hundreds of clients including famous magazines, major brokerage firms, retailers, wholesalers, billion dollar finance and insurance companies, builders and contractors as well as many medium sized businesses of all types – and quite a few smaller Mum & Dad type micro businesses.

The list is endless!

The main thing is “not the size of the business but the size of the potential” says Herbert j.

You need to find the right psychological approach to attract customers by creating magicalemotional simplicities before which all resistance, to the message, crumbles.

A good new big creative and powerful idea can literally catapult customers through your door.


Herbert j Field:

  • Is in the “marketing” business” to help clients to sell more or else!
  • Tolerates and nurture geniusCreativity is the key
  • Ensures the communication designed to help clients is interesting and persuasive and is kept simple, short and straight (straight to the point).
  • Loves consumers and knows how to attract them.
  • Values clients and won’t work with a competitor
  • Believes in the power of MAP, Marketing, Advertising and Promotion – and yells out to ensure clients are seen and heard.


Simple Simon’s pie man got it right.

A birthday cake demonstrates an unforgettable communication strategy.

A RED RAM can help you stay ahead of your competitors

Consumers are over mailed, over consumed and over communicated. There are new and better ways to communicate with them?

Marketing is WAR for market share? That’s the nub of it. Understand the fundamentals or your dead.

If you’re not on the web you’re dead

Whatever worked yesterday will not necessarily work today; and if it’s working today it won’t necessarily work tomorrow.