Introducing you to Herbert j Field,

who’s claimed to be Australia’s number one advertising professional, at no charge and with no obligation.

Marketing, advertising and promotion is a game of risk; albeit knowing what you’re doing can minimize the risk.

To use a cricketing metaphor, unless you’re prepared to get your thumb out of your mouth, step out of the crease and go to the cliff edge, you’ll never bring in new customers no matter how good you truly are.


Because having won his first advertising award at eight years of age and after receiving a scholarship to study at the prestigious University of California, Herbert j Field, an advertising genius, has helped people worldwide, to dramatically increase their sales, using unique communication methods that can literally catapult new customers through your door.


Methods that have claimed EIGHT (8) WORLD SALES RECORDS


Because tens of thousands of businesses go broke every year in Australia due to:
· The psychology of the customer
· Unfair global completion
· Uniquely Australian RED tape.

All this is a travesty for Australia. And besides all that he loves the challenge of helping businesses just like yours prosper and grow.


Herbert j Field can help you double your sales (turnover) quite quickly without you wasting your money on frivolous non-productive advertising.

Herbert has been officially recognised as being in the TOP ONE PERCENT of advertising professionals in Australia.

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