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The businesses that will prosper most in the near future are those that are driven by marketing rather than by their mechanics (albeit that the mechanics are of course very important).



  1. The psychology of the customer - the customer wants it now, they want it cheap and they don't care where they get it.
  2. The increasing draconian regulations from three levels of government that, despite the ACCC, clearly favour big business over small business and
  3. The superior buying and promotional power of big businesses.

Because of these challenges many small business owners are being stressed and are not surviving no matter how hard they work. Many business owners are working long hours to provide for their families, hanging on by their teeth, not making any real money, only to find that one day they get knocked out of the game by competing on an unfair playing field.


  1. New ways you can structure a business that will give it an advantage over much bigger players.
  2. A new management mantra being practiced by the worlds leading CEO's making it much easier to manage small businesses in less time
  3. New ways, now being practiced by the world's most savvy marketers that show how businesses are transforming themselves into marketing businesses, where creativity is the key.

Armed with this information, smaller businesses can absolutely positively gain market share at the expense of their much
larger competitors
(and at low cost).